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Winter Warm Up Chili & Wine Trail - Davenport

Village of East Davenport 11:00am-12:00pm

Warm up on Sunday, January 27th with Wide River Winery’s Chili and Wine Trail event. Enjoy a different chili and fresh baked bread to pair with 2 complimentary samples of wine at each of our 3 locations. Book your tickets online today!

Check out the new Party Bus ticket! Up to 16 people can take the deluxe, fun pink party bus to all three locations on the Chili and Wine Trail.

Individual Ticket with All Day Party Bus Ride - $35

Standard Individual Ticket - $15

  1. 1776 E Deer Creek Rd, Clinton, IA: Classic Midwestern Chili
  2. 106 N. Cody R, LeClaire, IA: White Chicken Chili
  3. 1128 Mound St, Village of East Davenport: Texas Cowboy Chili