Menu as of March 7, 2023

Creamy Jalapeno Dip
Citrus flavors and a small kick with a hint of cilantro.
Served with crispy tortilla chips.
Pair with Search, Seizure and Sangria and Ms. D’Meanor White

Sausage Tray with Tasty Cheese Melts
Summer Beef Sausage | Dorothy’s Spicy Mustard
Assorted Cheeses, Seasonal Fruit
Served with pretzels and Multigrain Crackers
Pair with Felony Red and Sweet Justice

Reuben Dip
The flavors of a classic Reuben Sandwich are loaded into this outrageously delicious
creamy cheesy dip. Serve warm with crackers.
Pair with Redemption Rosé and So Sue Me Sue

Tasty Cheese Melts with Fruit
Delicious family recipe of Mozzarella Topping
Melted Perfectly on a Toasted Dark Pumpernickel
Red Seedless Grapes
Pair with Caught Red Handed and Double Jeopardy