Wide River Winery offers delicious bites of food. Cheese, chocolate and dips especially selected and kitchen-made to pair with our wines. Seasonal items incorporate fresh produce from the wine maker’s garden. Daily Menu (below) and Customized Private Party menu options available.

Food Menu as of March 9, 2021

Wine & Food Pairing and Souvenir Wine Glass

Four complimentary samples of wine paired with small bites

Sweet Justice with Rosemary Cashews

Blushing Testimony with Panini Bite

Ms.D’Meanor White with Sweet & Spicy Dip and Crackers

Conviction with Chocolate Torte

Take home a “Sippin’ on the Mississippi” Wine Glass



Irish Mafia Stew**

Corned Beef Marinated in White Collar Crime

Spuds and Cabbage

Pair with Felony Red, Sweet Justice and Jury Duty



Sweet & Spicy Dip with Crackers

A creamy, savory dip topped with

sweet jelly and hot relish

Served with Multigrain Crackers

Pair with Ms. D’Meanor White and Redemption Rosé



Ham and Swiss Panini with Fruit

Toasty Warm Ham and Swiss with Dorothy’s Spicy Mustard

Red Seedless Grapes

Pair with Conviction and So Sue Me Sue



Tasty Cheese Melts with Fruit**

Delicious family recipe of Mozzarella Topping

Melted Perfectly on a Toasted Dark Pumpernickel

Red Seedless Grapes

Pairs well with Felony Red and So Sue Me Sue



Chocolate Torte Dessert with Glass of Wine

Topped with raspberries, blue berries, whipped cream

Pairs best with Pursuit of Happiness

$4 | $11


*Only available in LeClaire

**Only available in Clinton