Julia in our LeClaire tasting room showing off wine on tap

Are you having a get-together like a wedding, bachelorette party, girls’ night, engagement party, family reunion, or a company party? Do you just really love our wine? Well, we have great news for you! We are now offering our wine in kegs!

Currently, we are offering Sparkling Blushing Testimony, still Blushing Testimony, Sparkling So Sue Me Sue, still So Sue Me Sue, Felony Red, Sweet Justice, Search Seizure and Sangira, Ms. D’Meanor White, and Redemption Rosé in kegs.

Our kegs come in ten-liter and twenty-liter sizes. Each ten-liter keg holds 13.3 bottles of wine, and each twenty-liter keg holds 26.6 bottles of wine. Ten-liter kegs are perfect for any party or special occasion. They are self-contained, self-insulated, easy to use, and require no special equipment or setup.

Our twenty-liter kegs are great for restaurants or even larger gatherings. However, they require a nitrous system to be in place in the location of the event, and can be hooked up to any existing tap. If you don’t have access to an existing tap or nitrous system, no worries—we’ll rent you a kegerator for $100.

Kegged wine is much more affordable and cost efficient than purchasing an equivalent number of bottles for your party or gathering. Though prices vary slightly from wine to wine, we will use So Sue Me Sue, Blushing Testimony, and Felony Red as examples to demonstrate savings. Purchasing a ten-liter keg of So Sue Me Sue or Blushing Testimony costs a whopping $85 less than buying 13 bottles! A twenty-liter keg of So Sue Me Sue or Blushing Testimony costs $248 less than buying 26 bottles. As for Felony Red, our ten-liter keg will save you $72 as opposed to buying bottles, and our twenty-liter keg saves you $244. Those savings are definitely nothing to sneeze at!

Our ten-liter keg of wine

Ten-liter kegs of So Sue Me Sue and Blushing Testimony are $150 plus a $50 refundable deposit.

Twenty-liter kegs of So Sue Me Sue and Blushing Testimony are $220 plus a $50 refundable deposit.

Ten-liter kegs of Felony Red are $175 plus a $50 refundable deposit. Twenty-liter kegs of Felony Red cost $250 plus a $50 refundable deposit.

Wine kegs aren’t just good for your wallet—they’re great for the environment, too, and offer a more sustainable alternative to bottles. Drinking only kegged wine instead of bottled wine for a year would result in 96% CO2 emissions. Additionally, you don’t need to worry about the inconvenience of opening bottle after bottle of wine for your guests.

Our kegs also keep your wine cool and fresh. Kegged wine never comes into contact with air, meaning it can’t oxidize and lose its delicious flavors. Kegged wine even keeps for a whole month—so if you’re a big wine drinker, or have leftovers from a party, you can continue enjoying your keg until it runs out without fear of the wine going bad. You won’t have to worry about wasting half-empty leftover bottles that go bad before you could possibly enjoy them. The last glass of kegged wine is just as fresh as the first glass!

If you’re interested in a wine keg, we can deliver locally, and our kegs are also available for pickup. To reserve your wine keg, contact Jody via email at sales@wideriverwinery.com or 563-571-7937.