Wide River grows 14 acres of grapevines specially suited for our Midwest climate. You might not be familiar with the names of these vines, but they are among our favorites for reproducing our signature wines. One of our favorite grapes is Brianna. We grow about 2 acres and use it in semi sweet and sweet white wines such as Jury Duty and Harvest Hurrah. It has big juicy berries and is a pretty hardy plant.
Petite Pearl is another favorite and makes a dry red wine. Tom Plocher from Hugo, Minnesota brought us Petite Pearl. Our theory is that if it can survive those Minnesota winters, Iowa’s cold temps will be child’s play. We also have an acre of Crimson Pearl, another of Tom’s discoveries, which is expected to begin producing in 2022. These grapes will become a part of Caught Red Handed and Conviction.
Frontenac Blanc is another cold hardy white wine grape. Frontenac Blanc was discovered by the University of Minnesota, which originally developed the red Frontenac grape we all know. The white version is considered a “sport,” which the plant spontaneously produced. Frontenac Blanc makes a peachy, fruity white that can range from off dry to sweet. Our Ms. D’Meanor White wine is a Frontenac Blanc blend.
St. Croix produces Rosé that we make into Search, Seizure & Sangria and Redemption Rosé. It’s fruity, a little grapey and a hardy, good producer.