A 10 Liter wine keg from Wide River Winery is the tasty, cost effective way to share a special wine at your wedding reception and family parties.  Each keg dispenses 67 glasses of wine, equivalent to 13 1/2 bottles, comes with a self-contained tapper and keeps your wine chilled.  If you’re able to bring your own wine to the event, order directly with us — contact Ashley at 563-571-7937 or ashley@wideriverwinery.com.  If your event venue is serving the wine (you can’t bring in your own), request the venue offer Wide River Winery in your event package and they can reach out to Ashley.  We have licenses to work with venues in Iowa and Illinois. Click here for a list of reception venues with our wine on their menus.

White and Blush wines in the 10 Liter keg are $150.

Premium Red wines in the 10 Liter keg are $165.

A $50 deposit is required when you order a keg for your special day, which is refunded when the keg is returned.

White, Blush and Sweet Wines ($150)

Listed from dry to sweet as of Feb 5, 2024  – With 2 months or more notice and deposit, these can be kegged with added carbonation – giving your toast effervescent bubbles in the glass. 

Redemption Rosé – a drier, refreshing, delicious rosé made from grapes grown in the Wide River vineyard. Low in sugar, high in taste, delivers a delightful fruit finish.

White Collar Crime – Chardonnay – a familiar white wine to those who typically order wine!  White Collar Crime is smooth and balanced.

Jury Duty – is a white, lightly sweet wine made from grapes grown in the Wide River vineyard.  Jury Duty appeals to wide range of wine drinkers.

So Sue Me Sue – Wide River’s most popular white wine, fruity and sweet.  So Sue Me Sue is made from Catawba grapes which are sometimes pink, and is a well-balanced.  Upon your request, it can be kegged with added carbonation – giving your toast sparkling bubbles in the glass.

Search, Seizure & Sangria – Is your event planned for the summer? Do you dream of a Caribbean breeze and dancing in your bare feet while sipping notes of mango and pineapple? Consider a keg with our Sangria!

Double Jeopardy – Sometimes known as Merry Berry or Be Mine, Double Jeopardy wine is sweet tart made from sweet white Niagara grapes and blended with cranberries to give it a bright red color and a fun tart that makes your smile.

Sweet Justice – a red, fruity, sweet wine blending a juicy Concord grape with wine grapes from our Wide River vineyard.  We give this red juice-like wine some dimension and character.  Also a top seller!

Premium Red Wines ($165)

(dry flavor profile)

Felony Red – Cabernet Sauvignon ▪ Petite Sirah ▪ Tempranillo. Dry red wine great with steak, cheese and Beethoven’s 5th Symphony.  Felony Red is our best selling dry wine.  It’s medium-bodied, easy to drink and delivers notes of cherry.

Depending on the date of your event, you may be able to request to keg a different Premium Red wine.